<aside> 👈 We continue from Step Sketch #2 — Ritual, where we made a "step sketch" around a value and a hard step.


Here, I'll make another step sketch for my "vulnerable founder dating" project, with another hard steps I got from my Write Your Hard Steps Story.



Sketch for hard step #1

decided to maybe make friends - assessing who seems worth deepening a relationship with

<aside> 👩‍🎤 Sketch #1 - Founder dating with legitimation process for sharing something very personal

To come to the event, you must come with a testimonial that someone known by the community has entrusted you with a secret, and thinks you were a good person to trust with that secret. The organizer of the event knows, for each person present, who it was that trusted them with a secret.

Also at the event are "vulnerability assessors". Attendees talk to an assessor about something that may or may not be vulnerable. The assessor gives it a number from one to five, based on how sensitive they think it is. (Assessors are sworn to secrecy.)

Then, the assessor helps you conduct interviews to find someone worthy of sharing your vulnerable story with. Only when the secret holder and the assessor are both confident do the pair break off and discuss.


Your turn

Write up a hard steps story, if you don't already have one handy. Then make a sketch or two, focusing on one hard step at a time.

Helpful Legitimation Questions