<aside> 👈 We continue from Step Sketch #1 — Relationships, where we made a "step sketch" around a value and a hard step.


My Turn

Here, I'll make two more step sketches for my "vulnerable founder dating" project, with two other hard steps I got from my Write Your Hard Steps Story.



Sketch for hard step #1

decided to maybe make friends - assessing who seems worth deepening a relationship with

<aside> 👩‍🎤 Sketch #1 - Founder dating with ritual for deciding to maybe make friends

Before coming, everyone has agreed to invite at most one person they meet to something after the event—something that's not business related. Maybe a shared task like gardening together or something like that. At the event they get to pick one person they'd just like to hang out with.

As the event starts, one at a time, everyone immerses their head in very cold water. Then, one at a time, everyone shares an embarrassing moment from their recent past. Then there's cookies, coffee, time to just hang out and chat.

At the end, everyone closes their eyes and points to one other person in the room. That's the person they want to be friends with. The facilitator makes pairs of people who pointed at each other.


Sketch for hard step #2

she sighed before proceeding - creating a slow pace where things can be said at the rate they are felt

<aside> 👩‍🎤 Sketch #2 - Founder dating with ritual for creating a slow pace where things can be said at the rate they are felt

The room is partitioned into four sections. In the first section are a handful of 10 second timers. In the next section, 30s timers. In the third section, 1 minute timers, and in the fourth section, 5 minute timers.

Everyone starts with a buddy they pick in the 10s section. They agree there will always be 10 seconds of silence between sentences, and that after a short chat they will either proceed to the next section or recirculate.


Your turn

Write up a hard steps story, if you don't already have one handy. Then make a sketch or two, focusing on one hard step at a time.

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