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Articulating a value in words doesn't necessarily help you live it better. But you still might want to write out a value you have for various reasons: to help someone see what's important to you; to find people who share the value, by circulating a text; to inspire strangers; or on a design project, to set a clear objective, and to check with users whether they have a specific value and were able to live by it.


Invent It Yourself

User Research

Can you separate clearly articulated values, gathered from a survey?

A User Research Task

A Friendly Disagreement

How could you tell a colleague or relative what you mean by integrity?

Notions of Integrity

Planning a Wedding

Is it enough information, to plan a wedding for people who value 'community'?

Planning a Wedding


Writing Out a Value

Rewriting a Value: Example #1

Rewriting a Value: Example #2

Rewriting a Value: Example #3

Team Values

Check List for Values Cards

Video: Revising a Values Card


Solo Activities