<aside> 🌈 Note: Some students have made some discoveries prior to taking the course! In this case, you can “test out” of the relevant assessment.


Assessment #1

<aside> ◼️ To complete Unit 1

Discovery 1 — Emotions Point to Values

Discovery 2 — Ubiquitous Crowding Out

Discovery 3 — Meaning & Attention

Skill 1 — Emotions to Values

Skill 2 — Sorting Values from Other Motives

Skill 3 — Writing Values Clearly



<aside> 🔬 Evaluation

<aside> 🤓 How to Learn

If you need these discoveries, the exercises and readings in Chapter 1. Telling Values Apart from Other Things (Previous) and Chapter 2. Finding Evidence of Values (Previous) will help. Specifically, focus on Emotions to Values and Crowding Out / Meaning Analysis.

Read Chapter 3. Emotions to Values and Chapter 1. Crowding Out

Chapter 3 covers attention and meaning. You can also try making your own values cards at meaning.supplies, and doing a careful reading of Making Values Concrete.