Question for stories from negative emotions

Move #1: Reverse the Frame

Values can get crowded out by internalized expectations. If you notice a negative self-image, ask them what the positive reversal of that would be.

Can you identify a negative self-image in the story above? Ask about a positive one!

Move #2: System Fix

Values can also get crowded out by external factors. In that case, find a question by getting rid of the problem.

Can you identify a pressing need, goal/fear, and/or expectation? Ask a question that removes it!

Move #3: Bad Times/Better Times

Sometimes people have trouble seeing that their values aren't tied to the specifics of one story. In that case, find a question that invites them to think about ****similar Bad Times or Better Times.

Are they stuck chewing over the same details? Ask for more stories!

Move #4: Advice